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How to use BibleKeys

FIND the verses in your Bible.

MARK the verses in your Bible.

HAVE a notebook where you write your observations, questions and answers.

LEARN some verses by heart, at least those on the last page of each lesson.

Symbol Explanations

Bible Teaching
This is the symbol for &qout;Bible Teaching" ? the section at the beginning of each lesson. It teaches the subject we are studying.

Bible Quest: Self-study
In this section there are things for you to do. These help you to know what the Bible says, so you can apply it to your life.

Action Time: Act on the Word!
Faith without action is dead. Therefore, we encourage you to always DO something after each lesson. When you act on what you have learnt, God's blessings become real to you.

Memo Time: Memorize Bible verses
In each lesson, we have chosen one or two important Bible verses for you to memorize. The best way is to read them aloud until you know them by heart. Meditate on them regularly and let them become part of your life.

Praise Time
Here we encourage you to praise and worship God. Tell God how wonderful he is, or sing praises to his name!

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