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Keys to lasting fruit

The first 24 hours...

What happens to new believers in their first 24 hours and the weeks that follow is crucial. In fact, a solid foundation in the Word of God is a matter of life and death for every new believer.

BibleKeys will help you and your coworkers to lay this foundation. We plan to include teaching for at least the first 24 weeks of a new believer's life. Topics will include:

  • Living in Christ
  • How faith grows
  • Freedom of the Holy Spirit
  • A School of Prayer
  • Healing
  • The Gifts of the Spirit
  • Soul-winning
  • A life of holiness

Available today - "The Gate to Life"

The first five lessons are available for you to use today:

For small groups or campaigns

BibleKeys can be used:

  • For individuals, to help them grow in Christ
  • For small groups in your church and ministry click here
  • As a customized site on the website of your church or ministry click here
  • As a correspondence course click here

What leaders say about "The Gate To Life"

A prominent Christian leader in West Bengal, India:

"This is the kind of material for which we were praying and looking for a long time... We need at least 100,000 copies immediately in Bengali."

A pastor in Mainland China:

"The best I've ever seen. The words are simple, yet the meaning is deep."

Missionary to China:

"The best I've seen in 30 years of ministry. It's very instructive, and the Chinese translation is powerful!"

Leader of one of India's largest church planting movements:

"The best I've seen for leading people into faith and instructing them in the first steps of the Christian life. We need 500,000 copies a year!"
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